AFLEX Teflon Hoses

Aflex Hose Ltd is known in the industry as the primary innovator and pioneer of PTFE hose technologies. They were established more than 30 years ago and pioneered the concept of PTFE lined flexible hoses for the transfer of process fluids in pharmaceutical and chemical plants. Since then, the company has been committed to a program of continuous development and improvement, resulting in the most technically competent and sophisticated hose range available today. 

Aflex Hose is based in England, with a manufacturing facility and Sales Office in the United States and sells their sanitary hose assemblies into the Canadian market through Tri-Canada. Tri-Canada stocks all the necessary components to assemble most of the Aflex product line at our facility in Mississauga and can provide CRN documentation, if requested at time of order. 

Additional information is available at the Aflex Hose website at NB: All new hose applications should have recommended pressure ratings checked on the Aflex website.

Pharmaline Hose on dark background

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